olvera street taquitos

This image is courtesy of my baby sister Brikk. I call her a baby. She’s 15-1/2 now. As in she’s eligible for her driver’s permit in California.

Olvera Street taquitos from Cielito Lindo (which my sister Brikk got to enjoy -- not me).

Anyways, this lucky girl, as well as my other sister Brynn and her boyfriend, Tyler, (Brass was recuperating from wisdom teeth surgery… pobrecita) had lunch at Olvera Street yesterday in downtown Los Angeles. And I’m trying really, really hard not to be angry with them, because I’m 2,000+ miles away, and so I cannot also sink my teeth into these spicy, juicy, tender, fried-to-a-perfect-crisp taquitos.

If you’re going to Olvera Street, you must (notice I bolded and italicized that “must”) go to Cielito Lindo at the very end of the street (It’s at the end opposite of the one that opens up to the square/pavilion—the end that opens up to the busy street). Also, order an horchata. It is fabulous.

And after you eat (because that’s probably the first thing I’d take care of on my trip over there), be sure to stop by La Casa de Sepulveda for a bit of Bralley (by way of Gibbs) family history.
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5 thoughts on “olvera street taquitos

  1. Lo siento, Brettie. La Casa de Sepulveda no abrier. It has been closed since last year and will not open until 2012. They are renovating to accommodate the newly “restored” Siqueros mural. The Getty is helping out with this so it should be fabulous. What a treat LA has in store for it. Alongside these fabulous taquitos.

  2. Sorry i seemed to be bragging Brett! But i’m glad you could find a use for this picture in your blog, which is great by the way!

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