what I ordered: Dram

Dram is a whiskey bar in Birmingham. I don’t know much about whiskey. But what I do know is that I love this here drink.

Go to Dram and order this deliciousness. It's quite lovely.

What I ordered: Blackberry Winter
Where I ordered it: Dram Whiskey Bar
What’s in it: Knob Creek, blackberry puree, Dram house sours
What it tastes like: A blackberry whiskey sour! So good. And very pretty!

This is best enjoyed while catching up with good, good friends that you don’t see often enough.
Dram Whiskey Bar on Urbanspoon

4 thoughts on “what I ordered: Dram

  1. Impossible to go wrong with Knob Creek. I — an old whiskey sour girl from a way back — will be trying this delicious sounding drink soon. Thanks, Brett!

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