what I ordered: Saw’s BBQ

It was at Saw’s where I first tried white barbecue sauce.

I’m sorry — white barbecue sauce? What had I been missing all that time? I mean I had lived in Alabama nearly six years before I tried that creamy, tangy, peppery sauce for the first time. It was invented in this state after all, so it’s just a shame it took us so long to be introduced to each other.

Anyways, it’s hard for me to order anything but that whenever I go to Saw’s.

Smoked chicken sandwich with white barbecue sauce with a side of potato salad

Saw’s is located in the neighborhood of Edgewood in Birmingham. You can smell ribs smoking as you drive down the street looking for a place to park, and when you walk in, the atmosphere simply overtakes you. It’s got a simple, casual feel to it — there are posters, eclectic art, newspaper clippings, and sports paraphernalia all over the walls. And that sweet barbecue smell seeps into your hair and clothes. It’s beautiful.

Next time I go, I will make myself order the pulled pork sandwich with Saw’s own barbecue sauce. But I had to show the sandwich I crave so often.

Oh, is this amazing with a tall, cold PBR.

What I ordered: Smoked chicken sandwich with white barbecue sauce; side of potato salad; a PBR

Where I ordered it: Saw’s BBQ

What’s in it: Slowly smoked chicken with white barbecue sauce (usually a blend of mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, and lots of black pepper), topped with pickles on a bun.

What it tastes like: Oh, it’s creamy and tangy all at once. And the pickles add a delightful zip. Please go to Saw’s and order this. This is the sandwich that made me want to explore all aspects of barbecue.

Oh—and here’s a heads up: Saw’s closes at 7 every evening. It’s more popular as a lunch spot, but just keep that in mind if you’re ever heading over there for dinner.
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4 thoughts on “what I ordered: Saw’s BBQ

  1. You have to try the loaded baked potato with smoked chicken, cheese and broccoli sometime. And get it with the white and red sauces–so, so good. Actually, I kind of want one now…

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