what I ordered: Birmingham Restaurant Week

I still consider myself a Birmingham newbie, so I found Birmingham Restaurant Week to be the perfect time to check out a few places and try some dishes for a good price. I went to two different places during the week: One was a great deal, the other wasn’t so much.

The first place I went to was Rojo with my roomie. And I’m ashamed to say that the price for the food most definitely was not worth it, and I probably should have just known that if I had actually checked out the menu prices. I think I would have spent the same money had I ordered all three courses anyways. I don’t even really want to say what I paid. I mean it’s really not that bad, but not ideal for a lady on a budget. Also, I would have most likely ordered something else if I was going to pay that money anyways.

I had never been to Rojo, so I wanted to check it out. And yes, I was mildly disappointed in what I paid. But I did like the atmosphere of the place a lot. It’s fun, funky. More of a bar scene, but definitely cool, eclectic fare. It has both an American and Latino menu, serving everything from a Philly Cheesesteak to a spicy Paella.

I ordered the Shrimp Tomatillo Tacos, which were kind of bleh (didn’t feel the shrimp was as fresh as it could have been, and I wasn’t a huge fan of the salsa. Plus the tacos were screaming for something creamy…like sour cream or cheese?)…but the queso appetizer I ordered was incredible. I couldn’t stop eating it:

The queso has chorizo and jalapenos in it — holy moly was that fantastic.

For dessert, I ordered the Chango: cheesecake wrapped in a flour tortilla, deep-fried, and served with whipped cream and chocolate. I couldn’t eat it all at once. I had to take the rest home. But it was amazing—so amazing I forgot to take a picture. I just dove right in.
Rojo on Urbanspoon


Now my other Bham Restaurant Week experience was with my sister, Brynn. We went to Bottega Cafe on Saturday for lunch. For $10 each, we each got a half pizza, a side salad, and an absolutely delightful olive oil sponge cake. Plus, the service was wonderful, and it was all in all a very fun experience!

What I ordered: White Pie — fennel sausage, ricotta, onion, and provolone

What Brynn ordered: Grilled chicken and pesto with aged parmesean and mozzerella

Olive Oil Sponge Cake -- came with a fluffy, sweet cream and raspberry sauce

I’d say Bottega Cafe was the winner for the week. Looking forward to next year!
Bottega Restaurant and Cafe on Urbanspoon

In the mean time, Roll Tide. Charlotte, one of my bffs from high school who now lives in DC, is coming to visit me this weekend! We’re going to the Alabama vs. Kent State game (she’s never been to a college football game!). I am so excited to share the Alabama experience with her, and I can’t wait to introduce her to some great Southern cuisine. I’m really hoping for some Big Bad Wolves and Waysider and/or Rama Jama in her near future.

your thoughts?

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