what we ordered: An afternoon at The J. Clyde with Charlotte

Last weekend I got a visit from one of my best friends, Charlotte. Even though I’m lucky if I get to see her more than once a year, it felt like we hung out all the time and that hardly any time had passed since we last spent a weekend together. So grateful to have such a good friend!

Artsy black-and-white image credit: Charlotte Guy

Anyways, I tried hard not to make her visit a food tour of Alabama, but that pretty much happened. We went to Big Bad Wolves on Saturday, the Waysider Sunday morning, and then spent a drizzly Sunday afternoon inside the brick walls of The J. Clyde.

The J. Clyde, for those of you who do not know, is the place where beer lovers of Birmingham unite. Their beer menu is literally like 20 pages long (I might be exaggerating, but it sure feels that way). And it is now open on Sundays to raise money for tornado relief. The first beer you order must be either the charity beer, which is brewed by Good People Brewing Company (a Birmingham brewery), or a $5 donation, which lets you sample any draught beer.

The charity beer this past Sunday was the Good People Mumbai Rye — very hoppy and flavorful. Then we each ordered the Back Forty Truck Stop Honey Brown.

The highlight of our visit though was no doubt the food. I had never eaten at The J. Clyde before, aside from a cheese platter, which doesn’t really count, even though it was amazing (mustard ale cheese! omg!). On Sundays, they only have their pub menu available. Can’t wait to try their full menu sometime soon!

Here’s a list of what we split. We may or may not have gone a bit overboard, but it was oh so worth it:

Fried Sauerkraut Balls
These were my favorite. It is sauerkraut, cream cheese, and sausage rolled in panko, deep fried and served with a spicy remoulade on a bed of red cabbage slaw. Holy guacamole these were so ridiculously flavorful. If you love sauerkraut, which I do, you’ll love these.

Beer Cheese Soup
This was Charlotte’s favorite (although I really loved it as well). It’s a three cheese soup made with Good People Pale Ale. Oh, and those garlicky toasted croutons on top were just perfection. I need more. Right now.

Fatso Pudding
We did not take a picture of this because we forgot, but apparently it wasn’t on the menu. After the sauerkraut and the soup, we were thinking dessert. So we asked what they had. And this is what we got: a chocolate-y, mousse-y, pudding-y concoction. The secret ingredient? Good People Fatso. Sorry to not have photographed it.

But after that we were still hungry.

So we ordered this:

The J. Clyde Burger

This was topped with a fried green tomato (Char’s very first) and served with sweet potato fries. However, I was not too crazy about this burger. It was good, but did not come close to the deliciousness that was the fried sauerkraut and the beer cheese soup. Sorry, burger.

So I now love The J. Clyde even more than I did before. And I will definitely be going back very soon to try their full menu.
J. Clyde on Urbanspoon

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