mid-morning hunger: lobster

Lobster, lobster, lobster.

I heart lobster!

Image credit: Umami Girl

I just spent a weekend in the Cape Cod/Boston area for my cousin Annah’s wedding. It was oh-so-nice to take a mini vacation to such a beautiful part of the country. And I feel so blessed to have spent time with my family. The wedding was fabulous—seriously, one of the best I have ever been to! Everyone was dancing, so grateful to celebrate the love and happiness of Annah and her new husband, Matt.

But the weekend went by way too fast, and I flew back Monday morning, hence a Mid-Morning Hunger post on a Tuesday.

Whenever I get the chance to go up to that part of the country, I get one thing on my mind food-wise: lobster! I did get the chance to enjoy some delicious lobster macaroni and cheese (more to come on my food escapades…) but for now, here’s a tribute to this lovely delicacy of the north.

Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich — Closet Cooking

Image credit: Closet Cooking

Lobster Diavolo — food 52

Image credit: food 52

Lobster Mac & Cheese — Everyday Occasions

Image credit: Everyday Occasions

Nantucket Lobster Chowder — Coastal Living 

Image credit: Jean Allsopp

Homemade Hot Buttery Lobster Roll (have to include this! despite my previous posting of a lobster roll recipe) — Chez Us

Image credit: Chez Us

And finally…
Lobster: A Love Story (How to cook and eat a whole lobster) — Umami Girl

Image credit: Umami Girl

Want to test your knowledge of this crustacean?

Image & quiz credit: Coastal Living magazine

Take the Lobster Pop Quiz from Coastal Living.

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