oyster decor

I chatted a bit about oysters on Sunday. It’s my personal opinion that oyster shells make lovely decor. What do you think? Here’s some inspiration for ya:

Image credit: Coastal Living

Image credit: Charleston Magazine

Image credit: Veranda

Image credit: Country Living

(Salt and pepper in oyster shells?! Adorable!)

Image credit: ElizabethKalwat on Etsy

Image credit: AtellerMargaux on Etsy

Image via: Hard to Explain

Image credit: Vintage Printable

It’s even made its way into fashion:

Image credit: Terry Manier | Garden & Gun

Image credit: Sølve Sundsbø | Alexander McQueen

So what are your thoughts on oysters? Do you like them raw? Fried? Grilled? Or do you prefer they just remain decor and nothing more?

2 thoughts on “oyster decor

  1. Interesting! Love the salt/pepper shakers. And that gown! *gasp*

    Not sure I’d put oyster shells in my house as decor though – just doesn’t look like fun to keep them clean!

    Glad I found this post today – thanks for the inspiration! :)

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