comfort food: nabeel’s

Are you wondering where the heck I’ve been lately?

Well basically I found out it’s time to car shop. Yep, my little Jetta is on its last leg, and I need to trade that puppy in for an upgrade before it dies on me and is therefore useless. So literally all of my spare moments have been consumed with running numbers through my head—can I afford this? That? Can I get that car down to that price? Also, I need to somehow fit in trips to various car lots when it’s dark and rainy outside?

And then another not so fabulous number came to my attention yesterday: the cost of car insurance. I guess I figured I’d be paying the rate that’s on my current car + maaaybe a little more. But with a car that isn’t 10+ years old comes a steeper price (plus I’m still relatively young) and the quote I got yesterday shows it. I found this out at the end of the day, so I decided to take a break from car shopping, not deal with the dishes in the kitchen, and grab some amazing comfort food: Nabeel’s.

Nabeel’s Cafe and Market is located on Oxmoor road about halfway between Downtown Homewood and Edgewood. Birmingham has a great selection of Greek food, but if I were to pick one place to suggest to an outsider, it’d be here. I ordered a Gyro Athenian (I contemplated ordering a few different things, but, man, this wins out every time). It is sliced gyro served in a warm pita with their homemade tzatziki, tomatoes, onions, and feta. It was just what I needed.

Then I really indulged. It’s hard for me to go here without ordering the Taramosalata Dip, which is a red caviar spread. Please don’t let this freak you out. It is salty, bright, and bursting with bold flavor, and perfectly pairs with a warm pita wedge or a kalamata olive. You might think you’re not crazy about caviar, but I think you’d need to reevaluate that after you have a bite of this. Just sayin’.

Also I had a much-needed beer, courtesy of Daniel Salinas who generously left it in my fridge after football-watching this weekend. Thanks, D.

I felt much better, and now I’m ready to rearrange some numbers.Nabeel's Cafe & Market on Urbanspoon

6 thoughts on “comfort food: nabeel’s

  1. ha ha benefit to living in a highly metropolitan city like NYC: relying on public transit and not having break downs or car insurance payments. Though some solitude on the commute to work would be greatly appreciated some mornings, which you can really only get in a car or on a bike

  2. This post makes me miss you!! Wish I were there to eat yummy Greek food, and commiserate over the high cost of insurance. Glad you’re back to blogging.

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