what we ordered: the heavenly donut co.

About five minutes down the road from where I work sits a shiny, brand-new doughnut shop. Walk through The Heavenly Doughnut Co.’s doors, and this Christian-run operation is filled with the sweet smell of doughnuts baking, and a case full of tempting options sits in front of you.
2013-01-31 12.03.28

2013-01-31 12.03.34

2013-01-31 12.05.23

Christina and I ate doughnuts for lunch last week. These doughnuts, to be precise:

2013-01-31 12.05.57 copy

1. Maple-Bacon
This was easily my favorite of the bunch. I appreciated what a bit of salt and savory can do to a sweet maple glaze on a yeast doughnut. Next time I go in, it will be to try one of these or the one below.

2. Blueberry Cake
Whenever I eat a blueberry cake doughnut, I’m transported back to after-church snacking when I was little. I’d make a cup of tea with way too much cream and sugar, then I’d grab a blueberry cake doughnut and go find my friends. This was a great version of, what is for me, a classic. I didn’t find the cake too heavy and the blueberry flavor was sweet and prominent.

3. Bavarian Cream
The cream was as rich as you’d hope without being over the top. I love how light the yeast doughnuts were.

4. Chocolate-Peanut Butter
Ok, this one crossed a line for me—it’s way too rich. I had one bite and had to stop eating.

2013-01-31 12.06.03

2013-01-31 12.08.52

So have you been by yet? What did you order? What do you think? I would suggest liking Heavenly Donut Co. on Facebook – they have special deals and trivia questions with free giveaways often posted there. YUM!
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2 thoughts on “what we ordered: the heavenly donut co.

  1. Totally with you on the peanut butter. It was way too rich, but also the frosting is all wrong! Like PB and confectioners sugar quickly mixed together. It needs a smoother frosting on top, something that has whipped longer and maybe has some cream or something in it? But that said, I’m so glad we have a donut place just down the road from us!!

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