a Saturday afternoon | Avondale Brewing Co. & Saw’s Soul Kitchen

There are a great many things Birmingham has to offer that let  you feel that you are enjoying life to the fullest. I’ve often found myself searching for just the right suggestions for out-of-towners searching for somewhere to go, somewhere to truly experience Birmingham. The city has several attractions: the Civil Rights Institute, the Vulcan, Birmingham Museum of ArtSloss Furnace, Railroad Park (just to name a few), or just driving around beautiful, historic neighborhoods and experiencing the architecture and the culture.

But when it comes to a good meal and a good time, it can be quite hard to pick a place out of all there is to offer.
2013-02-16 17.59.08

If this locale fits the crowd you’re with, I suggest a boozy afternoon at Avondale Brewing‘s taproom.
2013-02-16 17.23.36
First, head two doors down over to Saw’s. (I reviewed this place some time ago, when their only location was in Edgewood, but the city now boasts two more locations: Saw’s Soul Kitchen in Avondale as well as Saw’s Juke Joint in Crestline. This little establishment has seen some well-deserved growth.)

Back to your to-do list: place an order at Saw’s. I recommend one of their Baker’s—the pork one is incredible. (UPDATE: This is also a beautifully rustic and well-constructed dish that I would highly recommend.) On top of this oversized baked potato, you have an entire layer of tender, juicy, divine pulled pork with crispy, charred edges. Then as you dive deeper in, you get a layer of cheesy potato with green onions and more pork. And if you order a side of white sauce, it’s just all over.
2013-02-16 13.10.49

Or you could also get the Saw’s Burger, which is a darn good burger. And on the side, order onion rings or fries—you can’t go wrong either way.

Then carry your food over to the Avondale taproom, and find a spot to sit and eat while sipping a beer, perhaps a seasonal Peach Saison, which is light, crispy, and delicately sweet.

Finish that beer, then order a flight of their flagship beers.
2013-02-16 14.45.51
My personal favorites are the Spring Street Saison which is citrusy and crisp (I’ve mentioned this before), the Scottish Ale with its sweet flavors and buttery aftertaste, and the Vanillaphant Porter, with chocolate and coffee undertones.
2013-02-16 14.45.36

You might have to hang out awhile. Lots of beer-drinking and eating can do that to you. But with such great atmosphere (and good company), you won’t want to leave!
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Avondale Brewery on Urbanspoon

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