anniversary trip part 1 | what we ordered: ole biloxi schooner

To celebrate year numero uno together, James and I took a trip down to the Gulf coast. We borrowed James’ parents’ vacay home in Gautier, Mississippi (which has an absolutely magnificent view of Mary Walker bayou) and used that as our home base while we jetted around a few different areas.

First stop was Pensacola! We spent the morning in the sun, cooled off with a bushwacker (see below), ate lunch at Peg Leg Pete’s, and sipped another drink (or two) on the boardwalk before calling it a day and heading back to the house.
2013-06-28 11.06.02_edited

2013-06-28 13.44.53_edited

But for dinner, we decided to hit up a place that James often went to when he was younger. The Ole Biloxi Schooner used to be closer to the water. But sadly, the original building was wiped away by Katrina. James has told me of the bustling atmosphere, the nautical interior and his favorite thing to order: a crab and cheese po’ boy. While I never got to see the original (or even the entire area pre-Katrina—the hurricane hit literally my second day of classes at UA my freshman year), I am delighted to still be able to order something that is special in James’ memory. Plus this sandwich is utterly comforting.

First let’s say, that I do love the newer location. It’s a beautiful old building with grand oversized light fixtures hanging from the ornate ceilings and a marble-top bar at the front of the house. We sat down in a booth, each ordered a po’ boy and I added a side of Schooner Fries to split!
The po’ boys come dressed and pressed unless you say otherwise. Dressed = lettuce, tomato and mayo, and pressed means they warm up that toasty french bread and let that American cheese just do it’s melty gooey thing. It’s simple and completely divine.

But wait! Don’t forget about the Schooner Fries. These babies are covered in a rich, yummy gravy. That’s pretty much all there is to it. If you come here, and you like gravy, you should order these fries, plain and simple.


We were just so happy! Much like these two shrimp dining togeths on what could perhaps be their anniversary.


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3 thoughts on “anniversary trip part 1 | what we ordered: ole biloxi schooner

  1. sounds like a relaxing anniversary weekend! Glad you guys had fun and thanks for sharing all the cool info!

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