the best iced coffee i’ve ever had

Right now I am drinking a subpar, extremely bitter iced coffee (with an added shot) from Starbucks. It’s ok, and it’s doing its job. I can’t ask for much more. Well, I thought I couldn’t ask for much more. Then I visited Lincoln, Nebraska.

Our sweet hosts—who just got married, yay!—left us a goodie bag when we checked into our hotel, and in that bag was a list of places nearby that they recommended we try. James and I got in very late that night, so I just skimmed over it as I was definitely more excited about sleep than the culinary possibilities around us. But the next morning, I woke up, and my mind immediately went to that list. I quickly located it, and the first thing that called my name?: The Mill Coffee & Tea.

You guys.
2013-07-20 08.55.19-1

Just across the street from our hotel, The Mill couldn’t have been closer. But I was in a bad mood, as I often am before I drink coffee (poor James). So I irritably walked in, waited in line, and just asked for an iced coffee, because I like iced coffee.


I took one sip and immediately apologized to James for ever being in a bad mood and swore to him that this day would only be full of good things.

This cold-brewed iced coffee was so full-bodied and so smooth and not the slightest bit diluted by water or ice or whatever else tends to happen to not-so-awesome iced coffees. Every subtle and sweet undertone gracefully made itself known, and honestly, I just didn’t realize how others—who dare call themselves iced coffee—simply fall incredibly flat.
2013-07-18 10.57.08-2

I returned twice more for my new favorite before we left town. I miss it so much.

Congrats to Jacob and Allison!
2013-07-20 20.18.38-2

Y’all had such a beautiful wedding, and we are so grateful we got to be there. Oh, and thanks for introducing me to what will now be the standard for all others like it!

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5 thoughts on “the best iced coffee i’ve ever had

  1. Brett, I make a wonderful iced coffee (home cooking, I call it!). We must get together for a sip so we can discuss its nuances and all things wonderful about summertime and iced coffee!

  2. I know the glorious feeling of finding the perfect coffee, be it iced or hot… you now made me crave for a caffe frappe… :)

  3. I’ve heard cold-brewed vs. hot-brewed iced coffee makes all the difference in the world. Maybe that’s what they did!

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