my fall downfall

I used to not yearn for fall. While fall is fun—back to school, football season, parties, friends—I never felt I could enjoy it to the max as long as I was in school. There was just too much to do and never enough time to do it. Even with football season, I still had anxiety about all the work that always had to be done once the game was over. I’m sure I was so much fun to be around.

And I never saw what the big deal was about the weather. Ok, it’s nice and cool and all that, but just a few weeks in I’m ready to relaxing by the pool again sipping some sort of tropical cocktail.

But I think the Alabama heat has gotten to me, and I am so ready for sweaters and jackets and slow-cooked stews and beer and tailgating food and boots with cozy socks and pumpkin everything.

When it’s fall, I eat, and I drink. I tailgate; I am lazy. I’m cold and want to do nothing but cuddle. Ergo, I often eat very badly on football weekends and don’t exercise much to make up for it. Ergo, I gain weight. Oh, and then comes the holiday season.

Not this fall! I am promising myself it will not happened. And hopefully it will be a bit easier this year as I have developed two new workout loves: 1) kickboxing and 2) Pure Barre.

Let’s start with the first.
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I’ve got a membership at the University’s Rec Center, and I love Princess’s kickboxing class on Mondays at 5:15 p.m. It’s a hard, grueling workout that leaves you feeling beat while also quite victorious because you made it. I never look as attractive as the woman above (we also don’t get the cool gloves in this class—we just punch air), but there is something that makes me feel like such a badass working on my jabs, hooks and uppercuts. After just a month of this class, my legs and arms definitely saw a huge difference, and now I can do squats like nobody’s business.

Now the second.
I had long been interested in giving Pure Barre a shot, simply because the word “barre” was in the title, and I love dance-related classes. I then heard this was not a dance class … so I sort of changed my mind.

Then a friend of mine said she had tried it and suggested I do, too. So I did. The first class was probably one of the hardest workouts I had ever done. I was sore everywhere—places I didn’t know I could be sore. And I also knew I had not gotten the full workout since I was a newb and some of it takes awhile to figure out. But I felt amazing and couldn’t wait to go back.

So I went back for a second class and decided to go for it: I got the new client special ($100 for 1 month of unlimited classes).

Pure Barre is an investment. The regular price for unlimited classes for 1 month is $225. (What??) But this is a strengthening class that works on giving you a dancer’s body, and the after-Pure Barre high is addicting. You learn how to control, define and strengthen muscles using the tiniest of movements. And immediately after working those muscles, you stretch them out to create the long, lean muscles that dancers have. With each class I attend, I get better and stronger. I’ve gone to about eight classes, and I can already see and feel a significant difference in the shape of my body.

Those are my two favorite workouts right now, and who knows, maybe I’ll earn some flat abs instead of a tummy this fall.

Oh, and PS – I love going to DAZE with Lillian at the Rec on Wednesday evenings. DAZE is sort of like Zumba, but more hip-hoppy. SO fun.

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