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This post is super delayed, and for that I apologize, but when I was at home (California) awhile back, we had an afternoon of beer tasting. We started at a Stone taproom in Pasadena (a personal fav) and then made our way to Alosta Brewing Co.

I heard about Alosta through my mom — her coworker Brendan is the head brewer there!

The atmosphere is very cool: a simple warehouse feel that I love in taprooms. We ordered a flight of their flagship beers (and even got a preview of their sour before it was a regular on their menu). We really enjoyed them and would absolutely recommend spending an afternoon there!
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anniversary trip part 3 | bay st. louis

I know what you’re thinking. (Shut up about your anniversary!)

Sorry! One last quick post before I fall even more behind. On the same day we visited Lazy Magnolia, we started and ended our day in Bay St. Louis, a lovely coastal town just about an hour from Gautier. Like much of the Mississippi coast, Bay St. Louis was hurt badly by Katrina. But it is so nice to see it push hard to bring itself back. This was my first time, and I’d love to go back as soon as I am able!

We started with breakfast at the Mockingbird Cafe.




Then we wandered around doing some antiquing and shopping before a boutique owner asked us if we were from around the area. When she found out we weren’t, she urged us to go by the tourism office and get us some Magnolia Money. It’s just lovely! In an effort to boost tourism in the county, out-of-towners get vouchers that are as good as cash. We first ran over to Lazy Mag, then we came back to claim our MM—$20 each!

Of course, the restaurant that caught our eye didn’t accept it, but that was probably because it had only been open a month. James recalled a restaurant that he and his family used to go to when he was young—Dock of the Bay. We knew that Katrina washed it away, but we weren’t sure where it had been. So James asked the bartender, and the response?

“Right here.”

So we decided to stay at The Blind Tiger, a hip little restaurant right on the water. Guests sit indoors but the outdoor bay breeze blows through. We ordered too much food and a couple of drinks.

Check out my grouper sandwich with chipotle mayo. Amazing!

Then we spent that Magnolia Money! New PJ shorts and cute little Kitchen Papers place mats from a boutique.
Tada! Crab on Kraft.

This truly was a great anniversary trip.

Oh, and we finished off the day with wine and Veep.

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lookout alabama

James and I had the wonderful opportunity of writing features for the first issue of this beautiful publication. Lookout Alabama is a travel magazine for the Alabama area of Lookout Mountain.
If you know us, you may have remembered us talking a trip to Mentone that we took in February. It was there that we ate fried oreos for the first time and won some cash money right across the state line in Georgia.

I wrote a feature on the Mentone Springs Hotel, and James wrote about the Kamama art gallery. This magazine is full of wonderfully put together content by founders and editors Randy and Olivia Grider. You should definitely pick up a copy. Click here to see where it’s sold in the Lookout Mountain area or subscribe!


anniversary trip part 1 | what we ordered: ole biloxi schooner

To celebrate year numero uno together, James and I took a trip down to the Gulf coast. We borrowed James’ parents’ vacay home in Gautier, Mississippi (which has an absolutely magnificent view of Mary Walker bayou) and used that as our home base while we jetted around a few different areas.

First stop was Pensacola! We spent the morning in the sun, cooled off with a bushwacker (see below), ate lunch at Peg Leg Pete’s, and sipped another drink (or two) on the boardwalk before calling it a day and heading back to the house.
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But for dinner, we decided to hit up a place that James often went to when he was younger. The Ole Biloxi Schooner used to be closer to the water. But sadly, the original building was wiped away by Katrina. James has told me of the bustling atmosphere, the nautical interior and his favorite thing to order: a crab and cheese po’ boy. While I never got to see the original (or even the entire area pre-Katrina—the hurricane hit literally my second day of classes at UA my freshman year), I am delighted to still be able to order something that is special in James’ memory. Plus this sandwich is utterly comforting.

First let’s say, that I do love the newer location. It’s a beautiful old building with grand oversized light fixtures hanging from the ornate ceilings and a marble-top bar at the front of the house. We sat down in a booth, each ordered a po’ boy and I added a side of Schooner Fries to split!
The po’ boys come dressed and pressed unless you say otherwise. Dressed = lettuce, tomato and mayo, and pressed means they warm up that toasty french bread and let that American cheese just do it’s melty gooey thing. It’s simple and completely divine.

But wait! Don’t forget about the Schooner Fries. These babies are covered in a rich, yummy gravy. That’s pretty much all there is to it. If you come here, and you like gravy, you should order these fries, plain and simple.


We were just so happy! Much like these two shrimp dining togeths on what could perhaps be their anniversary.


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