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Okay, JK — it’s not on newsstands. BUT, I present to you On Rounds, art directed (and a good bit written) by me! On Rounds is the College of Community Health Sciences’ semiannual publication. This is a fresh new look for our magazine, and we’re excited!

Click the image to see the entire issue.
On Rounds


alosta brewing co.

This post is super delayed, and for that I apologize, but when I was at home (California) awhile back, we had an afternoon of beer tasting. We started at a Stone taproom in Pasadena (a personal fav) and then made our way to Alosta Brewing Co.

I heard about Alosta through my mom — her coworker Brendan is the head brewer there!

The atmosphere is very cool: a simple warehouse feel that I love in taprooms. We ordered a flight of their flagship beers (and even got a preview of their sour before it was a regular on their menu). We really enjoyed them and would absolutely recommend spending an afternoon there!
2014-01-04 14.58.42_edit 2014-01-04 17.21.24_edit
2014-01-04 14.59.11_edit


I’m not sure what it is that makes me enjoy the silence of not blogging lately. I guess don’t feel as if I have a whole lot to say! But we are entering the time of year where I enjoy life a little bit more — good food, farmers markets, summer beer, beach (beach!!), sun tans, etc.

What has been on my mind the most lately is a thorough deep cleaning and organization of our house. And some decorating updates. I’m planning on re-doing the wall above our couch, better organizing our bedroom so that (hopefully) clutter doesn’t accumulate as easily as it does now, and making our master bath a little less blah and a little more chic. Oh – and adding cactus plants and succulents around the house.

Here’s some inspiration for gallery walls (incorporating antlers!):

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spring break

Last week I got to enjoy what I think is probably my favorite job perk so far—spring break. Seriously, I haven’t gotten a mid-semester vacay since 2010.
I decided to spend it in California. It was a quiet, relaxing, peaceful trip.


Set of Titanic at St. Francis — Brikk’s last high school performance, and she did beautifully!


Little boys who get haircuts


Sunday brunch at the Terrace at the Langham in Pasadena.

photo (4)

Brunch pic! Photo taken by my dad.

While I was at home, my mom reminded me of the neglect this poor blog has received as of late, so I’ll be catching up.


I am blessed to say that I live a life full of people who love. People who I love, and people who love me. My husband is beyond giving. He’s completely selfless and I know he lives and makes choices with me and our future family in mind. (Right now though it’s just me and Leroy.)

I love my family. We are spread out — half of us are in Alabama and the other half are in California. We do soon anticipate that Alabama:California ratio changing  from 3:3 to 4:2. Eee can’t wait!

All four of us together after seeing Brikki in her performance as Commander JoAnne Galloway in St. Francis High School's production of A Few Good Men

All four of us together after seeing Brikki in her performance as Commander JoAnne Galloway in St. Francis High School’s production of A Few Good Men

I love my friends. Life adventures sometimes have prevented us from seeing each other as often we would like, but we still remain close friends.

All four of us together in one place—no one needed to get married for it to happen!

All four of us together in one place—and no one needed to get married for it to happen!

I’m so thankful that this fall allowed for so many instances of love.

Altadena Golf Course | huevos rancheros

I’ve had many takes on this Mexican breakfast staple: runny eggs with fiery salsa and crispy fried tortillas with a bit of frijoles and melted cheese. I flew home for a surprise visit—well it was a surprise to my youngest sister who starred in St. Francis High School’s production of A Few Good Men.

After church Sunday morning, we went out for breakfast. My parents told us we were going to the golf course for breakfast—whatever that means, I thought. My dad compared it to how we used to go to the airport for breakfast when I was a wee one and we lived in Agua Dulce. I’m sure this makes sense to all of you reading, right? :)
2013-11-17 20.43.40_edit

I loved the hustle and bustle of this little diner. Make no mistake—we were not eating at the country club (which is what I initially thought we were going to do). In fact, this couldn’t have been more of a contrast to a ritzy country club Sunday brunch. It was down home comfort food. And the huevos rancheros I ordered tasted like someone’s mama made them.

These were pretty darn simple huevos rancheros—nothing too exciting or fancy about them. But I can’t quite find the words to describe the comfort that washed over me as I took a bit of the refried beans covered in cheese and that spicy enchilada-style sauce and I gleefully watched the yolk pour out of my egg whites with just a quick prick of my fork. I stacked bite after bite with crispy hash browns and sipped a cold Stella (it was after 12).
2013-11-17 20.44.26_edit
There are so many versions of Mexican food to people. It’s fun to experiment with different flavors and takes on a classic. But this is what my heart needed: simple and spicy.